Home Learning

Learning at Home

Here are some ways you can help your child at home:


Number knowledge is a key focus:

Some ideas -

  • counting forwards
  • counting backwards from a given number
  • naming numbers
  • writing numbers 1-10
  • ordering numbers from smallest to biggest
  • ordering numbers from biggest to smallest
  • asking what number comes before each number
  • asking what comes after each number
  • forming sets e.g. can you find me 6 blocks?
  • simple adding and subtracting - e.g. 2+1=3, 3-2=1


  • Read as often as you can with your child.
  • Join the library
  • Listen to your child their books from school every night
  • Ask - What was your favourite part of the story?
  • What do you think will happen next?

Remember to praise, praise, praise


  • make writing fun, use chalk, water and paint brushes, magnetic letters, felt pens and crayons
  • work with your child to sound out the words they would like to write
  • in class we say the word, hear the sound and write it down
  • when they have spelling words help them practise these daily

Have fun learning at home just like we do at school

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